Chaxer 1.2

Change your status in Adium, Skype and iChat


  • Simple to use


  • Limited to Adium, Skype and iChat
  • Not enough status

Not bad

Chaxer is a small little application that lets you quickly change your status in three of the most popular messenger clients for Mac: Adium, Skype and iChat.

Chaxer unfortunately will not work with other IM clients, and the ones mentioned above will have to be launched for it to work. Admittedly though, Chaxer is a pretty limited tool. True you can either change your status individually or in multiple apps at once, but you are pretty left with a choice of login, logout, available, away and offline. There is no way of adding your own custom status message for example.

Chaxer is discreet though and really simple to use. If you find that you constantly have Adium, iChat and Skype opened up it can be a good tool to have around. Users who only stick to one IM client will not find it of any use though.

An interesting application, yet Chaxer is fairly limited in changing the status on only three IM clients.

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Chaxer 1.2

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